Biotechnology Salary Offerings by Job Title and Region

There are a number of factors that influence what a career may offer an individual in the way of salary and benefits. In light of this dynamic, here is a snapshot of how the same position will have differing pay rates based on location.

About the Information

The data used in this report was taken from a survey of biotechnology Human Resource departments. Each region then had a city selected to represent that region. Mobile, Alabama was selected for the South, Boston, Massachusetts for New England, Rockville, Maryland for the Mid-Atlantic, San Diego for the West Coast, and Seattle, Washington for the Pacific Northwest. All the salaries listed are median income figures and are for an entry level candidate.

Biotechnology Salary for Biologists

Entry level biologists with a bachelors or masters degree and zero to two years experience can expect on average nationally $45,881. The highest average is found in the Boston, Massachusetts area which reports an income of $51,043; the lowest is in Mobile, Alabama where the average pay is $43,221. San Diego, California and Rockville, Maryland are almost identical at $49,917 and $44,979, respectively.

Biotechnology Salary for Biostatisticians

Due to the highly specialized skills needed to perform this job, and the regulatory impact this position has, a biostatistician actually starts at a higher salary than a biologist or chemist with similar credentials. Salaries range from nearly $85,000 in the northeast and northwest corners of the country to $68,731 in the South. A recent survey of HR departments reveals the national average is $74,073.

Biotechnology Salary for Lab Assistants

Lab Assistants can usually enter the biotech field with an associate in science degree and as a result command lower beginning salaries. The best paid lab assistants are in New England with an average weekly salary of $860 before taxes. The southern biotech hubs offer about $160 per week less, but they are close to the nationwide figure of $763.69 weekly.

Biotechnology Salary for Manufacturing Engineers

This position carries the greatest disparity between the South and the other regions in terms of average pay. The southern region reports an average salary of $55,010 per year while the national average is $59,794. All of the remaining biotech centers: Boston, San Diego, Seattle, and Rockville all are tightly clustered with median salaries of $65,053 to$67,341.

Biotechnology Salary for Quality Control Analysts

Like the manufacturing engineer position, this production-oriented role features a wide discrepancy between the South and the other regions of the country which offer almost 25% more in pay. Mobile, Alabama reports the lowest pay with a median income of $37,365 per year and Boston, Massachusetts at $45,741. The Mid-Atlantic center of Rockville Maryland is just behind at $44,242.

It is obvious that the South lags behind the rest of the country in salaries for the same positions. One explanation could be that competition for candidates is more intense in New England and on the West Coast. Another explanation could be the higher cost of living associated with those areas due to taxes and housing costs. Regardless of the explanation, new development and expansion all but guarantee jobs will be available in any region of the country.